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Frequently Asked Questions​​

Home Phone

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Home Phone


Do landlines still exist ?

  • Only for a short time longer, Big companies like Bell Canada have announced they are no longer maintaining copper lines and fazing out landlines.

What is a Digital Home Phone ?

  • Digital home phones are home telephones that use VOIP (voice over IP) technology to deliver telephone service over a high-speed internet connection. digital home phone service operates similarly as a traditional landline – calls can be made by dialing a number and can be ended by hanging up the handset same as a landline with great sound quality.   Digital phone service also comes with 25+ convenient calling features included in the price.


What is the Internet Protocol TV (IP TV) ?

  • Internet Protocol TV (IP TV) allows you to watch Live TV Channels, Movies and TV Shows directly to almost any Smart device you might have including Laptops, PCs, IPTV Boxes, Android Devices, Apple Devices and Many Smart TVs using only your Internet Connection without needing to pay any money to cable companies.

What are the requirements for getting IPTV to work?

  • Basically, there are two requirements 1- Roku Box (version 3 or greater) or TV that has it built in or Apple TV Box (4th Generation or greater) 2- a Internet connection

.Save hundreds of dollars with no need for costly satellite, cable equipment, or receivers.


Can I change what channels I get to fit my needs and budget?

  • YES, You can pick the channels that match what you need and your budget.

What is the Minimum Internet Speed Required?

  • 25 Mbps and Up. Higher the better! and best is to use an Ethernet Connection to stream iptv nicely and to avoid freezing issues which can occur due to weak WIFI Hardware/Port of your device.



What are the payment options available?

  • We have many payment options available to you, we except all Major Credit Cards, PayPal, EFT, Debit Credit Cards and monthly withdrawal from your account.

How do you cancel you account?

  • You simple e-mail the billing department at and they send you a cancelation number to confirm your cancelation for your records and then on your next billing date your account is closed.

Do you do a credit check?

  • No, because your account is pre billed each month we don't run a credit check we just need your basic information to open the account.

If you have any other questions that you think should be on our list feel free to e-mail use at

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