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Helping you resolve an issue and or make a Complaint. is proud to be 100% Canadian, creating jobs in Canada and buying products and services from Canadian companies.  
Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for our customers.  If you feel we need to know about a issue, or you have a complaint, Let us know, we always welcome feed back and the only way we can resolve an issue and get better at what we do is to know about it.   

Easy steps so you can resolve your issue and or complaint.

Step One:

Tell us about your issue. 


Lets work together to find a solution.  As soon as you notice an issue, please do let us know.  So we can review it and come up with a solution.


Helpful e-mails links:    


Sales Solutions:

Techelp Solutions:

Billing Solutions: or

Website Content or Advertising Solutions:

Step Two:

Escalate to a supervisor. . 


After bring the issue to our staffs attention, if your still not happy with the solution.  please escalate it to a supervisor.  the  supervisor would be happy to help you come to a solution to your issue.

Step Three:

Escalate to the CEOs Office


After taking the first two steps, if your still not happy with the solution.  Please escalate it to the CEO's office.  the  CEO's office then well start a fill investigation into your issue to find a solution to your issue.

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