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Frequently Asked Questions​​

Home Phone

Q: Can you quickly explain what VoIP/Digital Home Phone is ?

  • VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP phone service (sometimes referred to as broadband phone service or digital phone service) is a phone service that operates over a high-speed internet connection.. There are two types of VoIP services: phone-based and computer-based. These services allow you to make phone calls using either your regular phone, an app on mobile devices, or a softphone client on a computer (via a headset with a microphone).  The call is converted to data packets and sent over the Internet instead of through the old fashion copper wires..  Simply Digital home phones delivers telephone service over a high-speed internet connection.   calls can be made by dialing a number on you existing phone and can be ended by hanging up, with great sound quality.   Digital phone service also comes with lots of convenient calling features included in the price.

Q: Do landlines still exist ?

  • Only for a short time longer, Big companies like Bell Canada have announced they are no longer maintaining copper lines and fazing out landlines over copper lines.

Q: How does one place or receive a VoIP phone call?

  • With, you use VoIP the same way you use a regular landline: by picking up the phone to answer it, or dialing a number to place a call. On a mobile device, you can use a VoIP-enabled app to connect. And with a computer-based service, you can use a softphone to make or answer the calls with a headset, complete with a microphone.

Q: Can I call any phone or just VoIP phones?

  • Yes, with digital home phone service you can call any phone number in the world, whether that number be a local, long-distance, mobile, or international number. For your convenience, VoIP even allows you to talk to multiple users at once!

Q: How is the voice clarity?

  • digital home phone service voice quality that is at or above the quality of a landline phone. 


Q: Do I need a computer to call?

  • No, you do not need a computer for phone-based VoIP services. However, you do need a high-speed internet connection. You can also purchase a dedicated IP phone; but this is not necessary, as offer an ATA that can be connected to your existing phone.

Q: What differences are there between making a local call and a long-distance call?

  • In terms of technology or how you dial the number, there are no differences. Call charges, however, vary from plan to plan. Rates for long-distance calls are usually quite low. Furthermore, many of our  plans include long-distance — so the long-distance call is free!


Q: Does it come with 911?

  • Yes, "Enhanced 911" (E911 ) for $2.00 a month.


Q: Can I keep my number?

  • Yes, with you can keep your same number , so you can use the same number you had with your traditional phone provider. 


Q: Can I take my number with me when I travel?

  • A: Yes, you can use your VoIP service wherever you travel as long as you have a high-speed Internet connection and either a VoIP phone adapter or a mobile app. Through any of these mediums, calling works just as if you were dialing from your home or business — without incurring additional charges.

If you have any other questions that you think should be on our list feel free to e-mail use at

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